Porcelain Prop/Blanket

These products are indispensable to our firing work but seems
there are still many porcelain doll makers who are not familiar with them.
We described brief instructions how we can make the best use of the product.

M-1003 Porcelain Prop (aprox.8oz)

High fire ceramic fiber for supporting porcelain during firing.

Form porcelain prop in the hands and place it in area needing support during firing, such as wings and tails of birds, limbs of trees, around flower petals, etc.  Also use between box lid and box to keep them from sticking together during firing.
Also stuff porcelain prop in doll head to avoid warping during firing. 
Place dome-head upside down on porcelain prop to avoid winding.
Please read the instruction in the package.

M-1003 Porcelain Prop (fluffy type)
Price:  $7.85
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M-1004 Porcelain Blanket
Size: 12" x 18"(30.5cm x 46cm)

Porcelain Blanket-type prop may be laid directly on kiln shelf to sit pieces on during firing. 

Please read the instruction in the package before using.

M-1004 Porcelain Blanket
Price:  $7.85
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