Cedar Paint Tile Caddy

Temporary out of stock


*A Wonderful Way to Organize Mixed Paint*

You can keep your mixed paint dust-lint free.  

*Click Photos for larger view
Approx. 7" tall,
5 1/2" wide and 4 3/4" deep
(17.8cm x 14cm x12cm)
Front and back panels are
clear plastic. 
Side panels are cedar..
smells very good.
Design of the handle may vary. You can store 6  tiles
(4" x 4" = 10cm x 10cm)
Each shelf is made so precisely, and you can slide out/in
very smoothly.

Cedar Paint Tile Caddy  Price:  $28.00
Temporary out of stock
*attention: this is a price for the caddy only.  You can purchase 4" x 4" tiles very reasonable at a nearby DIY store.
We have also tiles for your convenience:  6 - 4"x 4" tiles for $4.00. 

4" x 4" Paint Tiles x 6 Price: 4.50

"A lifetime investment for your doll making convenience"

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