Miniature Supplies

M-1006 Plastic Syringe
     (with curved nozzle)

* Click the photo for a larger view
A  plastic syringe is indispensable for injecting slip into miniature molds. 
Thin porcelain slip with water or thinner good enough to go into the syringe easily.
Insert the nozzle directly to the little pour holes and inject the slip.
Easy and No more mess!
You can use a clean syringe to blow air into the mold to help drain slip from mold. 

Size:  12cc

Price:   $1.50
Quantity :
M-1005  Unborn Lambskin

* Click the photo for a larger view

Lanbskin with extra tiny curls. 
Very hard to find item to comlete miniature projects such as fur animals,
doll wigs(cut the curls and glue on the head)...etc.

M-1005a 11" x 11"(approx.28cm x 28cm)           
Price:    $14.00  

M-1005b Half cut 11" x 5 1/2"(approx. 28cm x 14cm)
Price: $7.00


      M-546  Tiny Lamb               Wigs for miniature babies


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