Greenware Cleaning Tools

~ Another great product Made in the USA ~

What do you usually use to bevel miniature / small doll eyes?
Are you tired of fighting with the nylon covering on a regular wood beveler?
We have found a really good solution.  These products will reduce your stress and
displeasing results from the old fashioned methods.
Insert smoothly and easily into small doll head openings
and you can use these for both wet and dry cleaning. 
These eye tools hold their smooth surface changing nylon material anymore.
No gap on the surface and no unnecessary stress, and you can fully concentrate
on eye shape while cleaning. 

Master Eye Beveler

Indifinitely Discontinued due to manufacturing problems

Mini Tool Kit


uneven beveling balls, discoloration, unstable handles

Mini Tool Kit $24.50

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Mystic Doll Molds
Texas, U.S.A.

Master Eye Bevelers has more useful and specific products to meet porcelain doll makers demands.
Please visit the company website and learn all that they carry...and see the reason why they have been fascinating many top notch porcelain doll artists
for years all over the world.

"A lifetime investment for your doll making convenience"

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Mystic Doll Molds
1860 CR 4316 N, De Kalb, TX 75559 USA