~2007 New Release~

M-236  9" F.G. Lady


        Finished height:  9"(approx. 23cm)
Eye size:  5mm eyes

The set includes Head, Shoulder plate, arm and leg molds and body pattern



M-290 Heubach Googlie Head

Finished height:  10"(25.5cm), Eye size:  16mm round glass eyes,
 7 inch composition German ball joint body to complete the doll is available on request. 
Or 5-piece body mold(with straight arms/legs (M-005) is available.

M-699 Heubach Katie

7 1/2"(approx. 19cm) All Bisque~Head /Torso, Arms/Legs movable with intaglio eyes,  molded hair, stockings and shoes.




 M-667 Heubach Elsbeth                             M-668 Heubach Virginia



M-270 Baby in Basket Box

Length: 4 1/2"(approx. 11.5cm).  Pattern detail on blankets, basket and accessories is in the mold.



M-291 3" Tiny Baby

~ Tiny All Bisque Dollhouse Size Baby~

head/ torso type body with movable arms and legs

3 inch height(approx. 7.5cm)


M-204 Pattie 

1 7/8"(approx. 4.5cm) miniature size girl with movable arms,

molded flower band in hair, molded socks and shoes


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