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Little Red Riding Hood and Bad Wolf

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M - 531 
3" Little Red Riding Hood

Great miniature size doll with fine features.
 The doll has movable head, arms/legs.
 Dome head, painted eyes, bare feet.
 Little Riding Hood dress patterns including shoe patterns are available

 Size:  3" (approx. 7.5cm)

 Price:  $60.00 Add To Cart




M - 529 
5" Bad Wolf


Sculpt by Mary's Originals.
The doll has movable head, arms/legs.
Bad Wolf as grandma dress patterns are available separately.

Size:  5" (approx. 12.7cm)

Price:  $85.00 Add To Cart

Little Red Riding Hood & Bad Wolf Dress Patterns

Price:   $10.00 Add To Cart


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