M-653 Faith ~ Gwen Ross Originals

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Her hands represent a curiosity that we have
in  childhood.

Lovely girl with German character doll impressions. 
The love of Heubach character children was the
inspiration for this original by Gwen Ross.
We understand this doll is a good example to show
Gwen's passion and love for old dolls and also her
talent as a doll artist.  This was probably her last doll.

The doll has molded hair, intaglio eyes and
molded three strap shoes.  Half open mouth with
molded teeth.
You can also set glass eyes.

The mold set includes a shoulder head,
arms/legs and body patterns.

Size:  18" (45.7cm)
Eye size:  14mm

Price:  $250.00
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Faith Body & Dress pattern :  $1
includes patterns body, undies and outfit

(Ballerina dress is another variation based on
this pattern)
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You can paint as you wish.  The above shoes
were done with Decals.

Another presentation of Faith's shoes.
Painted stocking s and applied buttons on the
shoe straps.