Name the Eden Bebe Contest


We have many charming entries and picking winners were very difficult, however, here are the choices:

1st place winner: 

Ms. Sue Barker, Texas, United States



2nd place winner: 

Ms. Maryse Pierret, Saint-Nabord, France

We are proud to announce that we received over 150 entries
Lilith, Violette, Lisette, Misty Rose,
Cherish, MiMi La Rouge, Sara Louise, Celina, Magdalena, Madelyne, Valentina, Charmaine, Angelique, Hazel Rose,
Maddie Grace, Berenice, Clarisse, Snowdrops, Galanthus, Angel, Evangeline, Bebe in Eden, Darcey, Euginie, Avrille, Annastacia, Genevieve, Millicent Lee,
Godeleine, Arabelle, Edel, Darlene, Genevieve,  Amelie, Marie Claire,
Cosette, Cloe, Claudette, Capucine, Susette La Flesche, Lovelie, Fatine,
 Annelyce, Petite Camille,
 Le Be'Be Reves, Mystique, Genevieve,
Jael, Camille, Madeline Michelle,
 Elisa Kate, Crystal, Bella,
Marie Rachael, Sherie, Elora Jenee, Josephine, Collette, Almond Fleur,
Cherie Amour, Hortense, Cecile, Evangeline, Anneliese, Dreamer, Elissa, Lillian,

 Aurora, Shanice,  Lillyanna,
Elizabeth, Colette, Snow Princess,
Elana, Bella Mae, Lilith, Charmaine,
Bettina Bebe, Yvette, Sweet Lavender,
Johanna, Joan, FiFi Francoise, Gracie,
Bebe Faith, Cecelia, Lily,  Elizabeth,
Adelyn Eve, Avonelle, Cosette, Audrey,
Sylvia Louise, Adelaide of Eden, Olga

Sarah,  Jolie, Francoise, Simone,  Verda,
Fleuris, Rosa, Sourire, Rouge, Agatha, Eugine, Adele, Agnes, Snow Angel,  Julie, Mimi, Evealyn of the Garden,
 Emma Armintha, Madelaine, Aveline,
Diamond Rose, Esther Reed,
La'Lola Bebe', Isabelle, Ada Emmeline,
Margaux Belle, La Vergne, Lisa,
Bebe Millie, Kylie Ann,
Biquette, Amaya, Sophia Irene,
Lucie, Gwennie Lynn, Allyssandra,
Jenelise Elizabeth, Desiree, Jolie,
Lola Cosette, Amelie Annette,
 Margaret Louise, Cloe Marie



Say "Welcome" to our newest little girl!!!  

She just arrived from Europe in her original bridal gown and veil!! 
We are searching for a name to capture the charm and beauty of this very lovely little doll and wonderful era she was born in! 
Mold will be ready soon and YOU can help name her.  She is an Eden Bebe 4 Depose and will finish approximately 10". 
Put on your thinking caps and fill out the entry form below for a chance to "name the doll". 

Two winning entries will receive the very first molds FREE with shipping included anywhere in the world. 
All entries will receive coupon worth $10 off any purchase of $35.00 or more.  Only one entry per person please! 

We will award two prizes, First Place and Runner up.

All entrants must be a member of our mailing list ~~ Not a member? It is not too late to join.

You will receive a confirmation email that we received your entry, if you do not get the email please contact us by email directly.



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