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Doll Assembly Supplies


Doll Eye Setting Wax
Doll eye setting wax from Kemper Dolls
My favorite, comfortably sticky and easy to handle
White color with no yellow sheen

Price: $4.95 
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Elastic Cord S-size Elastic cord for approximately 2" - 5" doll assembly
Elastic cord Size S:
5 yards $3.00
10 yards $6.00

Elastic Cord M-size Elastic cord for approximately 5" - 10" doll assembly
Elastic Cord size M:
5 yards $.3.50
10 yards $7.00

Mini Clamps Extra Small steel clamps for miniature/small doll assembly
 Size: 3 1/2"
 Hemostats lock in place by clamping the interlocking teeth on each handle together, which ensures the easy doll body  assembly. Has two options; straight jaw and curved jaws
Price: $3.00 /each
Mini Clamps
Curved jaws
Straight jaws



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